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In Lithuanian construction market is already more often used to cast seamless flooring. Because of good performance of this kind of flooring.

 UAB Tech-coat  in Lithuanian market has been successful for more than 
years, we specialize on seamless industrial flooring supply. We could be described as a seamless flooring supply leader. An experienced and qualified firm in collaboration with manufacturers and partners in willing to transfer their experience and provide professional advices to clients.

UAB Tech-coat's staff are always willing to help the customer to choose the best flooring type.

 Every year Tech-coat is supply flooring materials for more then 40 000 m² for indoor and outdoor objects. We can boast of having a large number of clients from various industries export and domestic market.

 Today Tech-coat offers excellent seamless flooring systems which can successfully compete with industrial linoleum and ceramic tiles, which are traditionally used in industrial and public buildings. More and more client  choose seamless flooring systems, because they are meat highest client requirements (quality, strength, resistance, durability, friendly operation, easy maintenance, cleaning and renewal, resistance to chemical attack, good aesthetic and functional characteristics, etc.).

 Seamless coatings/floorings is particularly suitable for floors that are raised high cleanliness requirements and to be resistant to compressing, abrasion, friction, vibration, chemical or moisture exposure, large temperature shock, corrosion. Another advantage of such flooring - almost unlimited possibilities to realize a wide range of color and pattern ideas, they are easily and quick to install. It is the optimal solution.

 UAB Tech-coat "presents Norwegian company StoCretec Flooring A/S mark “ Barrikade" - a polymer (epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane) coating systems for concrete (asphalt) and metal surfaces to protect, maintain and restore. "Barrikade" vide range of products - from floor paint and deeply penetration impregnates to protect concrete against dust up to thick seamless floor coverings, highly resistant for wear. Coatings for all industries, which are suitable for extreme strict hygienic and functional requirements.
"Barrikade” are produced in coating systems (EP-600, EP-Mono600, EP-Multi, EP-Multi décor, PU ScreedSL, PU-Screed Multi, EP-Compact "," EP-Steno Terrazzo, EP-Monoglass, EP-Monodecor, EP-Deco "," EP-Stone carpet, PU-Stone pavia, PU-catting Stone ") as intended to divide into four types:" Industry - Industrial, Design-Design, Human-Human comfort convenience, Landscape - Outdoor.
We specify a flooring systems in several groups:

INDUSTRY - Tough floors for tough environments.

In no other environments are the floors subjected to such tough exposure than in industry. At the same time there is a great variation in the requirements between different kinds of industry or even within one category of industry. It is therefore of great importance to define the correct functional requirements in each case. In addition one must take the condition of substrate into account. Only when these facts are established is it possible to find the optimum solution from a functional and maintenance point of view.

DESIGN - Freedom to create a unique floor

Based on the great knowledge of resin systems and industrial floors Hesselberg has succeeded in developing new flooring solutions that gives unlimited creative opportunities. We are talking about decorative seamless flooring systems for designers who are looking for very exclusive and special solutions. You are free to create your own personal design not restricted by the squares of tiles and wood where the pattern repeats itself.

HUMAN COMFORT - When for peoples well being is important

Imaging a wall to wall carpet that reduces sound, easy to keep clean and also hygienic. It should be kind to your feet and back and satisfy the ergonomic aspects of a floor. Hesselberg has developed such a solution for the environment we have named “human comfort”. You get a hard-wearing floor that both visitors and staff will enjoy. The combination of material technology and installation technique has made this possible.


LANDSCAPE - In harmony with nature

Black asphalt or grey concrete can be a very practical and simple solution, but is not particularly attractive. Barrikade Stone Pavia is a very pleasing hard-wearing natural stone coating system that can be applied to all sorts of surfaces. Always in line with the client’s desires, you can design the surface with stone colors and patterns. Barrikade Stone Pavia is all you need to create a more beautiful and pleasant environment around buildings and in places that people frequent.




UAB Tech-coat offers products certified according CE and EU regulations to meet EU and Lithuanian building materials standards. All products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.







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