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Product data sheet

Polyurhetane matt top lack


Product Description:

Barrikade PU-Mattopp is a two-component water borne transparent polyurethane. The product is easy to apply, giving no “roller marks” or overlap. Provides a matt surface. Barrikade PU-  Mattopp gives early water resistance, and good chemical resistance. The product has excellent scratch and UV resistance.


Areas of use:

Barrikade PU-Mattopp is intended for use as a topcoat for Barrikade decorative coating systems and Barrikade EP compact systems.



Barrikade PU-Mattopp is supplied in units ready to use comprising component A (Base) and component B (Hardener). Component A must be mixed well before use. Pour content of B into A container and mix thoroughly for about 3 minutes with a low speed drill. Leave for 5 minutes before application.

Barrikade PU-Mattopp is supplied in units ready to use. It is useful to store both components at room temperature 24hrs before use. Avoid spillage! Avoid freezing!!



Barrikade PU-Mattopp is applied with a brush or roller in suitable thickness, alternatively spread with rubber squeegee before rolling.

Material consumption: 0,10 - 0,12 kg/m2 pr. coat.

To avoid any water entrapment, do not apply in thick layers. The product can solve uncured epoxy floors if applied in very thick layers.

The temperature of the substrate must be minimum 13 °C, and the relative humidity should not exceed 60 %.



Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Tools should be cleaned with water. Cured material must be removed mechanically.


Health and Safety:

Read Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.


Technical data:

Product:           Two-component, water based

                        semimatt polyurethane sealer

Density:            1,05 g/cm³ (A), 1,09 g/cm³(B)

Dry content:      33 %

Viscosity:         20 sec at 25°C (FC 4)

Colour:             White

Finish:              Matt app. 15

Mixing ratio:      A : B = 10 : 1 (by weight).

Pot-life:            5 hours at 20°C


Temperature:     13 °C, air and substrate.

Drying time:      Dust dry in 3-4 hours 20°C

                        Dry to touch in 3-5 hours at 20°C

                        Re-coat after 6-8 hours at 20°C

                        Maximum strength and

                        chemical resistance after 7

                        days at 20°C.

Storage:           12 months in un-opened containers. Keep dry

                        and avoid freezing.

Packaging:       Set of 10 kg


The technical data presented here, as well as our instructions and recommendations, are based on numerous tests and on our experience. They are intended to assist the user in finding the most suitable working method and obtain the best possible results. Since the user’s working conditions are beyond our control, we cannot accept responsibility for the result the user obtains when using the product.