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Product data sheet

Epoxy paint


Product Description

Barrikade EW-70 DV is a water dilutable, two-component pigmented epoxy paint which provides an impervious, hard and repellant gloss finish with good chemical resistance. Low odour and non flammable.


Areas of use

Barrikade EW-70 DV is intended for use as a coating for areas in contact with potable water.



The surface should be free of laitance, oil, grease and loose or friable particles which may affect adhesion.



Barrikade EW-70 DV is supplied in units ready to use comprising component A (Base) and component B (Hardener). First thoroughly stir contents in container A to a homogenous consistency. Pour contents of A into B container and mix thoroughly for several minutes with a low speed drill. Use gloves and goggles. Keep the components at room temperature 24 hrs before use.



Two coats of Barrikade EW-70 DV are recommended.

Material consumption: Approx.: 0,2 -

0,3 l/m² per coat.



Wash hands with special hand cleanser and thereafter with soap and water. Tools should be cleaned with warm water.


 Health and safety

Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures should be followed whenever reactive resins are being handled and processed. See safety data sheet.


Approved for potable water by Statens Institutt for Folkehelse, Norway.


Technical data

Product:        Two-component water

                      dilutable pigmented epoxy


Density:        1,2 g/cm³

Dry content:  70 % by weight

Viscosity:      Approx.8000-10000 CP,

                      at 25°C

Colour:          Arctic Blue

Finish:           Glossy

Mixing ratio:    A : B = 0,86 : 1, by weight

                      A : B = 0,6 : 1, by volume

Potlife:          Approx. 60 min at 25°C


temperature:  The product should not be

                      applied at temperatures

                      below 12°C.

Curing time:  Initial curing 8 hrs at 20°C.

                      Full cure 7 days.

Package:        10 l units


shelf life:      Store at 10 - 25 °C in dry

                     place and preferably in the

                     original container. At least 12


The technical data presented here, as well as our instructions and recommendations, are based on numerous tests and on our experience. They are intended to assist the user in finding the most suitable working method and obtain the best possible results. Since the user’s working conditions are beyond our control, we cannot accept responsibility for the result the user obtains when using the product.

Whenever in doubt – please contact us!