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Product data sheet

Solvent free two/three-component epoxy coating





Product Description

Barrikade EP-SL 600 is a solvent-free, two/three-component pigmented epoxy resin which provides an impervious, hard and repellant gloss finish with good chemical resistance and wearing properties. Low odour and non flammable.


Areas of use

Barrikade EP-SL 600 is intended for use as a coating and self leveling flooring, primarily on concrete floors in industrial premises, warehouses and exhibition areas with light, medium and heavy traffic.



The surface should be free of laitance, oil, grease and loose or friable particles which may affect adhesion. Automatic shot-blasting or grinding is recommended.

The surface should be vacuumed.



Barrikade EP-SL 600 is supplied in units ready to use comprising component A (Base),

B (Hardener) and C (filler). First thoroughly stir contents in container A to a homogenous consistency. Pour contents of B into A container and mix thoroughly for several minutes, then add component C and mix to homogenous mixture, with a low speed drill. Use gloves and goggles. Keep the components at room temperature 24 hrs before use.



Barrikade EP-SL 600 may be applied with roller, squeegee (2 comp.) or notched spatula

(3 comp.).


Material consumption

2 comp.: app.0,7 kg/m2 (0,5mm)

3 comp.: app.2,4 kg/m2 (1,5mm)



Wash hands with special hand cleanser and thereafter with soap and water. Tools should be cleaned with solvents.


Health and safety

Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures should be followed whenever reactive resins are being handled and processed. See safety data sheet.


Technical data



Two/Three-component epoxy

Dry material:


Specific gravity::

2-komponent ca 1,3 g/cm3

3-komponent ca 1,6 g/cm3


Standard, according to colour chart

Mix ratio 2 comp.:

A : B = 100 : 29,4 (weight)

SL-1500 filler

SL-2500 filler

A : B : C=100 : 29,4 : 84,1 (weight)

A : B : C=100 : 29,4 : 129,4(weight)


30 minutes at/20° C

Temperature at use:

Min. 12o C (atmosphere, floor)

Drying time:

5-7 hours at/ 200 C

Recoat interval:

10-12 hours at/ 200 C, maximum 36 hours at/ 200 C

Curing time:

5 - 7 days at/ 200 C


Set à 15 kg


At least 12 months in closed container, dry.

(+50 til + 250 C)

The technical data presented here, as well as our instructions and recommendations, are based on numerous tests and on our experience. They are intended to assist the user in finding the most suitable working method and obtain the best possible results. Since the user’s working conditions are beyond our control, we cannoaccept responsibility for the result the user obtains when using the product.   Whenever in doubt – please contact us!